How Cool to Be Considered Cool

How cool is it to be considered cool?
How cool is it to be considered cool?

What an honor to receive an award from a blogger who writes as well as Tamara of In the Night Farm, otherwise known as the author of Barb Wire. Anyone who isn’t a regular visitor to her blog should be; while I will never be an endurance rider (although my TB certainly has the endurance to try the discipline), I love reading about her adventures with Aaruba and marvel at her training regime. I regret that I cannot remember ever riding 20 miles, which appears to be no more than a walk in the park for them!

A little research on this award shows that it has alighted upon blogs of all shapes, sizes and topics. Looking at past recipients certainly gave me some insights into the vastness of the blogosphere.

The Butterfly Duck, native of Duck, NC
The Butterfly Duck, native of Duck, NC

It also made me wonder about the relationship between horses and butterflies. Once again, Google took me right to the junction of these two species, an example of which is resident in Duck, North Carolina!

As with many honors, this award comes with responsibilities. Each recipient should do the following:

  • Add the award logo to your blog, as well as a link to the person who bequeathed it to you.
  • Nominate at least one other blog for the award, explain why you like the blog(s), and provide link(s).
  • Leave a comment notifying your nominee(s) that the butterfly has landed.

Start the drum roll . . .  and tune in tomorrow for the winner!

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