Eau de Cheval Not Appreciated at British Supermarket

Equestrian Krys Gunton was asked to leave her local Tesco Supermarket mid-shopping trip because she was “too smelly,” reports the Daily Mail. Ms Gunton had just come from riding her horse when other shoppers complained about the odor of horses. I’ve always joked that “Eau de Cheval” (scent of a horse) is one of the most expensive scents a woman (or man) can wear. Certainly to my nose, it’s far more acceptable than the liberal dousing in artificial scents that many people apply before leaving their homes. Or the odor of cigarettes that permeates the air around a heavy smoker.  But apparently, the odor of horses is not appreciated by all.

I know that I’m guilty of grocery shopping in my barn clothes (although I stopped wearing my boots and breeches in public years ago for fear of scaring people). What about you?

2 thoughts on “Eau de Cheval Not Appreciated at British Supermarket

  1. ha ha. i have no sense of smell, so it doesn’t bother me in the least! i go everywhere in my barn/riding clothes! though i did forget one day and wear my warm barn coat to the office and it definitely got noticed – i had to leave it in the stairwell for the rest of the day :-\ but once the horses had been put to bed, we would always hit the local restaurants after a show or a day of hunting in full riding regalia – mud, sweat, slobber, horsehair, helmet-hair, and general smelliness – and no one seemed to mind (or at least were too horrified by the bunch of us to say anything 😉

  2. Change clothes to shop!!!!!!! Not hardly!!!!!! A cowboy is recognized by the clothes he wears. I mean a real cowboy, not the drug store type or a wanna be. The fakes are easily spotted.

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