Warning: Keep this in mind before you give away your horse

I received the email below from someone in my area. I’ve removed the names mentioned as I cannot personally confirm what’s said but the story is all too familiar. In fact, a little more than a year ago, a woman at my barn almost gave her pony to someone like this for a dollar (When you have to give up your horse). Like the man below, he promised to find her 20 year old laminitic pony (who had food aggression issues) a wonderful home.

In this economy if you find someone who says they are finding good homes for unwanted horses, you are really fooling yourself if you believe their spiel. In fact, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that’s looking for an owner too! Trust me. All the reputable rescues are bursting at the seams. Don’t give your horse a one-way ticket to Canada just because you want to believe. That kind of willful self-delusion should have ended with Santa Claus.

Hi All, thank you for your replies. I have a personal mission and am asking others to help if they want to. I am trying to give as many people as I can a heads up about an individual who answers free ads. I know that often times STB’s are indeed free…so I am asking that you please pass the word to warn trainers, owners, etc., that you know, to please beware of a man named WM, of MF Farm, J-town, Maine. There was a post on the BB about him that got quite heated. I have done my own investigating of this individual who posts an ad in Uncle Henry’s saying he will take your unwanted horses and find them good homes. He also calls himself a “rehab/rescue” . He is plain and simple an inexperienced horse dealer who also ships to Canada. I spoke with someone who he approached about hiring to drive the truck to Canada as he can’t cross the border due to being a felon. I have also spoken to my vet and a real rescue here and they are aware of him.

So if you feel comfortable giving people a heads up…PLEASE let people know about this guy. He is not truthful about what he is and will at times bring his 2 young daughters with him and pose as a happy family come to take your unwanted horse and give it a good home. He will travel all over New England looking for free/cheap horses.

The more people who know about him the better off the horses will be.
Thank you to all who feel they can help.

4 thoughts on “Warning: Keep this in mind before you give away your horse

  1. ugh. The world is a terrible place.
    Hopefully this will get passed along and more people will be aware so they can avoid this. poor horses.

  2. After reading the “Fugly Horse of the day” blog, I believe it is essential to ask at least a few dollars more than what the meat price would be. Too many horror stories of people showing up to collect free or giveaway-priced horses, even bringing children along to aid in the deception, but once it’s on the trailer…straight to auction and the meat buyer. Sadly too many people are dishonest, crafty, and cruel 🙁

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