Eau de Grassy Meadows

The scent of wet hay, wild flowers and sunshine as I rode by this field today was just irrestible.
The scent of wet hay, wild flowers and sunshine as I rode by this field today was just irrestible.

I was out riding this afternoon, walking at the edge of the hay field and inhaling the most incredible scent. Really, if I could bottle this I’m sure that equestrians would snap it up. Here’s what I envision:

Top notes of green hay — hay that is drenched with spring rain, with just enough warmth in the air to tease out the freshness of the smell. Hay with white flowers growing in it and orioles diving down to eat the seeds off the tall grasses. Today we saw a flock of these exquisite yellow and black birds darting from the tree tops into the grasses. They were spectacular.

Middle notes of white flowers and lilac. The small white flowers that grow on the bushes near the fields. I’m not sure what type of plant they are but they produce a fleeting and light scent that you can only just catch if you walk by. Trot and you miss it.

Base notes of moss, leather, and the hint of damp horse. The scent that immediately registers with equestrians as the partnership between man (or woman) and horse, the peace and serenity of a quiet ride where you are listening to the birds the soft muffled sound of hooves on damp ground and the occasional jingle of the bit.

So, now I just need a perfumier who will bottle this. Then my fortunes will be made!

6 thoughts on “Eau de Grassy Meadows

  1. Honeysuckle! You forgot honeysuckle. Can I order that custom?

    Were the birds Cedar Waxwings? They flock and fly in interesting patterns–take the breath away.

    I think you’ve got something there with the perfume recipe. Get thee to Grasse and start producing. I’m sure the folks at a href=”http://www.demeterfragrance.com/”>Demeter Fragrance, who sell perfumes like grass, dirt and tomato, would buy it from you in a heartbeat, thereby rendering you a wealthy woman!

    1. You’re right — honeysuckle should definitely be in there! I’m going to try one of those “build your own perfume” places and see what I can create.

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