Patches: The Coolest Horse

I’ve never thought about training my horse to ride in my car. I’d have a hard time fitting Freedom into my Sequoia unless I could convince him to stick his head out the sun roof.

Patches, however, seems to relish sitting in his owners’ convertible. He has a blissful expression on his face as he sticks his head over the front of the windscreen, kind of like a very big dog.

He must be a common site around town because the folks at the drive through window at McDonalds don’t blink an eye when the car drives through. Maybe they didn’t realize the cheeseburger was for him!

It’s definitely worth watching this one!

One thought on “Patches: The Coolest Horse

  1. Not the brightest idea in the world, riding your horse around in your convertible and feeding it cheeseburgers….just one more reason I despair for humanity.
    But, oh, Patches is SOOOO very cute that he almost makes me forget how irritated I am!

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