Can my car pull my trailer?

Back in the old days I remember that people pulled their horse trailers with their station wagons. That was before everyone decided that you needed a one-ton pick up (don’t think you can get away with a half ton or, god forbid, an SUV).

Of course, there are dangers to pulling an overloaded trailer with a vehicle that’s too small. Thank goodness the video below doesn’t feature a horse trailer!

And, by the way, I do haul with a half ton truck. And I will even admit that in the past I hauled an aluminum trailer with an SUV (and survived).

3 thoughts on “Can my car pull my trailer?

  1. i have been using a Brenderup for the last 15 years and love it..the best 2 horse trailer on the market regardless of your towing vehicle..

    i put 2 17 hd warmbloods in it and used a 6 clynder Chev Blazer…i didn’t know it was even back there..

    The earlier 2-horse model i pulled with a Ford Taurus with no special hitch,or any add’l equipment,and it did great (unbelievable but true)..but they changed it and you need a small SUV now.

    I used to see them many yrs ago in Ireland pulled by a 4 cylinder Datsun.

    And all my horses loaded and ride great in it.The Brenderup is engineered to the max.

    my regards,Gregory

  2. I like the Brenderup models for just that reason! According to their website you can haul a two horse trailer as long as your car/wagon/truck has a 90 inch wheel base and the proper hitch set up.

    People at the equestrian facility I visited in Landshut, Germany often used wagons to pull trailers, though a large number of SUVs were also used.

    Unfortunately, I cannot relate anything from experience as I currently don’t travel enough to justify buying a trailer.

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