Are you cowboy enough?

The Cowboy, 1888, photo by John C.H. Graybill
The Cowboy, 1888, photo by John C.H. Graybill

This Craig’s list ad has been posted on several forums . . . it’s certainly caught a lot of eyes and made many people laugh. I hope it helped this gelding find the perfect home.

Big Gelding/Are you Cowboy Enough?

Big grade gelding. Been used as a pickup horse until he got hooked by a bull. Think he has a split personality, some days he’s great, some days he’s a real pr***.

No secrets here, you need to tranq him to shoe him or he will try and kick your head off. He has been used for branding, moving cows, ranch roping ect. And like I said, some days he is great, we have had beginner riders on him and they have done fine. I have ridden him in the hills or gathered on him and he was fine.

He is not great to catch, although we have him turned out on 140 acres so he can leave if he wants, but in a smaller pen he is much better.

He just needs someone that isnt going to take his sh** on a regular basis. He needs to be taken and used. We bought him with the intention of selling him and because we have more than enough horses he has gone
to the bottom of the priority barrel.

He is not a horse for the faint hearted, if you are handy and need a project or if you think you are handy and need to try and prove it. I think he is about 11 years old. 15.3 hands. Answers to the name of Dick. Ok, he doesn’t answer, that’s just what I call him. $2,500 obo.

2 thoughts on “Are you cowboy enough?

  1. Honest and FUNNY. Now wouldn’t you be more likely to trust the owner of that horse? Love it. Thanks for sharing!

    (btw, for some reason comments would not post on your blog from me during the last ten days or so. I’ve royally had the problem on Blogger, but not WP.)

  2. Now how often do we get honesty like that ANYWHERE? Wish we could get people like that in public office! Hope the horse ended up in the right place. Sometimes they just need a different match for their unique personality.

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