Is my horse ready to hunt?

When you foxhunt it's important to stay in your place in the field.Is my horse ready/suitable for hunting? I get asked this question frequently by my friends who would like to try hunting but are still nervous about the whole hunting environment. Galloping horses, hounds, varied terrain and jumping all combine to make even accomplished equestrians somewhat apprehensive.

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4 thoughts on “Is my horse ready to hunt?

  1. It all sounds very daunting but I am sure it could be very exciting at the same time. I personally wouldn’t want to go Foxhunting, but if your friends are interested by it then they should give it go, its they only way they will find out if it is really for them.

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      Keep in mind that many hunts here in the U.S. (mine included) are drag hunts so there is no fox involved. That takes a lot of the ethical issues out of hunting and generally makes for a good time as you are guaranteed a good ride. No need to worry whether the hounds will find the scent.

  2. What a wonderfully detailed and thoughtful article. I’m not going to be foxhunting, but all those points translate very well into other issues, such as plain old trail riding. Nice check list!

  3. If you have any doubt about your horses suitability then I wouldn’t jump straight into fox hunting. There can be long arduous waits while the hounds try to pick up a scent!

    I used to hunt my ponies when I was younger and they were always skitish bloody types – not fun!

    Try drag hunting first, it’s not as long (maybe 2 hours max) and as the red coats know pretty much where they’re going there’s less of a wait while the blood hounds pick up the runner’s scent.

    Once you’re a hunting pro come and hunt in Ireland – they have no fear!

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