Now that’s a beautifully braided mane

These are button braids. I liked them because they were cute, easy and you didn't need to braid too many of them!

When I used to event I always used to braid my horse’s mane with button braids. My horse at the time, Bogie, had a thick neck and the braids just complemented him. Plus, they were quick and easy. I would braid him when we got to the event so he looked neat.

However, the braiding jobs that I’ve come across truly put my efforts to shame! Not that all of them would be appropriate, but they sure are fun to look at.

Wow are these beautiful!
The braids are a wonderful ad for this braiding service. They are amazing.
This is hands down the best running braid I've every seen. It helps that the horse is stunning.

This is a close up of a continental braid.

Another fabulous running braid.
This photo from Tim Flach is one of my all time favorites.

5 thoughts on “Now that’s a beautifully braided mane

  1. Wow – those running braids are incredible. nope – mine dont’ look like that. Time to practice!

    Do you have to tuck the end of the running braid back into the braid or can it hang down near the shoulder? Farley’s mane is so thick and long – it goes back, 3/4 of the way back up the neck and makes the rest of the braid look lumpy.

  2. I can barely braid my own hair, much less achieve anything presentable on a horse. Millie sports the mane of at least three horses–more than her fair share in many other departments as well–and I never even tried. Pros, please! Still, they never got the results you picture. Those are some stunning photographs. I always worry that the tight ones give the horses a headache, though. I am a fan of the Continental and the loose running braid for that reason. PURTY!

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