6 thoughts on “Don’t try this at home – Guy McLean entertains.

  1. I am sorry but that video is almost disturbing to see horses forced to do things that are so far from their common purpose and this is coming from a person who shows horses. Just kind of weird!

    1. I realize this is long after the post, however, as someone who shows horses as well, anything a human asks of an equine is an exception to their “common purpose”. Horses had no purpose for humans until we developed one for them to benefit us. Removing a horse from a field is beyond their purpose as far as the horse is concerned. Guy’s horses are not abused, neglected, or invaded for in any capacity. And certainly not compared to the majority of horses being handled or ridden throughout the world. Simply because he uses his horses in a manner that differs from your choosing or ability does not warrant a response of being ” disturbed”. Should this type of performance be tried by all? Of course not. But to say the horses are “forced” is a loose term. We “force” horses to do things everyday, the difference is how Guy asks when he works with a horse. Before we judge what we see and do not understand in the horse community, perhaps we should think, study and research before speaking about an event.

    2. These horses are far from abused. I have met each one of them and they are not forced to do anythjng! They are all spoiled and if they are having a bad day they do not perform

  2. It says a lot, doesn’t it, about the willingness of horses to suspend free will to someone they trust?

    I’m in the amazed/horrified category on a couple of items. The 4 wheeler just seemed dangerous to me.

    Had to cringe (and be amazed) at the horses side passing over the laying down horse.

    Still, I’m glad you put it up! Wow.

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