A kiss on the head.

Photo by pamela leigh richards, 12/08

I had a mare once who loved all baby creatures. She would lean down and snuffle my daughter’s head just like this.

One day I found her in the paddock with a gosling. She followed it around gently brushing it with her muzzle and breathing into his feathers. It looked like she was trying to soothe it (although I’m not sure the gosling got the message).

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4 thoughts on “A kiss on the head.

  1. My big Trakehner stallion loooooves kitties. They don’t have to be kittens.At our previous stables he had a special cat friend who would sit above his feed box. I have no idea what they were talking about, but they both enjoyed a good snuffle.

  2. My mare does this as well! She has made special friends with the barn cat and has a couple of ducks she roams the pasture with. I always think it’s so cute!

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