4 thoughts on “Want to know what it’s like to ride Zenyatta? This is probably as close as you’ll get.

  1. This has to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen/experienced. Feeling her light up as she came out of the barn…seeing how much she needed to be held back.

    And I learned something too: I’d never thought about the fact that jockeys have to keep their horses straight also. With no leg!

    Thanks Liz…AWESOME.

  2. WOW. WOW. THis is as close as I’ll ever get to letting a horse out completely, Holy cats. And this is the PERFECT video to show people who insist thoroughbreds are “””forced””” to race. My ass. She was a handful just walking to the track. She knew what was wanted, she knew what SHE wanted. What a great ride.
    Long live Queen Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am lucky enough to own a thoroughbred who was quite successful on the track. Although he’s no Zenyatta, Freedom sure can go from zero to very fast in a breathtakingly short amount of time, especially when hounds are involved. I can only imagine what it’s like to ride one of the truly great ones.

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