3 thoughts on “What horses say to each other over the fence.

  1. “My” horses names: (naming by what comes out of my mouth with the most frequency.)
    Tiny: Go. Go Go Go GO
    Pops: Easy Boy, Easy…
    Hudson: That Was Fun Thanks
    Ruby: Stay With Me Girl

    Former: (that I can remember, because this is fun!)
    Sunshine: It’s Okay I Gotcha
    Jimmy: Holy Crap What a Mess
    Jumbo: Don’t Even Think About It
    Houston: No Bucking No Buuu
    Weasel: I Don’t THINK So
    Poland: We Call It A “Bit”
    Vlad: Not Until You Stop
    Ladybug: The Other Straight
    Hoss: Ow Ow Ow Canter Please
    Tina: Who Has The Mounting Block

    Horses that I owned:
    Spitz: No NO NO NO NO AHHHHH *Thud*
    Jasper: Whoa Dammit Whoa (odd two horses have the same name, huh.)
    K.O.: Nice…
    Roz: You Can Do It
    Confidance: Such A Dope
    Mr. Chips: Not Again!

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