TB shows off Airs Above the Ground

Who says you need to be a Lipizzaner to perform airs above the ground? Look at the air this mare achieves!

This photograph, taken by Cindy Pierson Dulay, won the Media Eclipse Award for Photography. The photo shows Thoroughbred Stephan's Angel leaping in the air while being saddled before the Miss Preakness Stakes at Pimlico Race Course in 2004.

4 thoughts on “TB shows off Airs Above the Ground

  1. Gulp. From the track setting and fear on the pony horse riders face, I’m going to infer this was not a dressage event. 😉
    How on earth did he catapult so high and forward with people holding onto him??? He’s levitating!
    Gorgeous TB.

  2. Our four year old did that in the stocks at the Vet’s. Something scared him and he just went straight up and came down partly over the top of the stocks. TBs are full of energy.

  3. Definitely don’t want to bet on him for that race!

    Rood and Riddle are now offering TB athletic awards. I think they’re trying to promote sound breeding as well as recognition that TBs can do more than run around rings well.

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