4 thoughts on “I always knew we were fashionable!

  1. The problem with wearing authentic equine fashion is the “authentic” aroma! Still doesn’t stop me from grocery shopping in my breeches and boots, though 🙂

    1. Well, that brings us to “eau de cheval” which I believe is a very exclusive and expensive perfume.

  2. I’m onboard with equestrian fashion. I’m waiting for the “broken in” look to catch up to English equestrian wear: i.e. western faded jeans with holes, streaks, etc.

    In my case “broken in” would breeches and polo shirts sporting a little hair (oh, who are we kidding, it’s shedding season! VERY hairy), and a shimmer layer of dust, nearly fingerless gloves, and scuffed boots.

    Eau de Cheval, got that one covered!

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