Send your old snaffle bit to India has a goal of collecting 1000 snaffle bits this year to replace the harsh locally made bits.

While most of us can walk into a tack store and find a plethora of bits for sale, in India, many working horses are subjected to bits that look like medieval torture devices — crude bits that are made locally.

An organization called Friends of Marwari/Kathiawari Horse UK, which was formed in 2008 to promote the welfare of Marwari and Kathiawari horses has started a program to collect donated snaffle bits and offer them to local horse owners in exchange for the bits they have been using. Their goal is to collect and distribute 1,000 bits in 2010.

Marwari and Kathiawari horses are breeds unique to the desert regions of India and are distinguished by their curly touching ears.

This bit bears little resemblance to the snaffle bits used in the the U.S.!

Local bits tend to include spikes and rowels on the mouthpieces. It’s unclear whether this is caused by ignorance or tradition but these are bits that cause the horses pain and injury.

The good news is that the team of five FOMHUK members flew to India in March to distribute the first 200 bits that were collected were well received. The self-funded team travelled by horse safari from just outside Jodhpur heading South West, down the Luni river some 250kms to reach the biblical scene at Balotra, the largest horse fair held in Rajasthan. Members of  team were the only westerners at the Fair. They were guided and greatly assisted by the active involvement of Rawal Devendra Singh Nawalgarh, a major breeder and Rajasthan representative for the Indigenous Horse Society of India and his friend Thakur Durga Singh Mandawa.

There was a large gathering each time bits were being donated. Team members explained the benefits of a kinder bit to the horses’ mouth. Locals were encouraged to exchange a number of the more severe and crude locally made bits for the kinder UK-donated snaffle bits.

FOMHUK requests that horse lovers worldwide keep collecting and donating their surplus bits sized between four to five inches wide. They are also looking for future funding of the two shipments each year which are planned to take place to coincide with the major horse fairs of Rajasthan.

A list of Bit Donation boxes and collection sites throughout the UK can be found on the website: Or by emailing for details.

4 thoughts on “Send your old snaffle bit to India

  1. These are the types of bits that Xenophon and the classical Greeks used. Spines on the cannons could be either blunt or sharp in ancient Greece, and the discs were used to keep the horse’s mouth open. Sort of an automatic “behind the bit” system of bitting.
    Needless to say you cannot keep contact with these bits, a BIG difference between Xenophon and modern “classical” dressage.

    1. I didn’t know that either — thanks for the info. I’m going to have to learn more about ancient bits.

  2. OOOhh Jackie, I did not know that. That’s awful. (Hello from Barnmice!!)
    Liz, an excellent idea. I have a few lying around (no horse to use them on), but they are HUGE. I don’t think they would fit those delicate mouths. What do you think?

  3. Donation is not really required.. as its not as if the breeders or riders lack money or regular smooth snaffles are not available here in India. Its just that the riders have to be more trained to be able to handle the hot bloods and awareness about the benefits of the snaffle have to be desemminated. Its not about getting it free..

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