Ed and Ross: The Happy Times

Ross’s grandmother, Mandy, posted a link to another YouTube video and a comment on my “update” thread. Since some of you wouldn’t see it buried in the comments, here it is. I do feel badly for these folks as I’m sure they did not expect that first video to not only go viral, but get picked up and commented on by armchair equestrians around the world!

Here are some more clips of ross riding ed, you will see how much ross loved ed.. so for the few who made comments that ed should have been SHOT AND MADE INTO DOG FOOD, this is a short film of the bond and love that ross had for ed. please note that the feed he is given is 1/2 carrot and small handful of low cal chaff. ross always liked to say thank you. just thought i would add that before some people decide that i am killing ed, we always watched his weight and was checked over by vet every year. we did our best for ed not to put weight on, which as you know is not easy with sec a welsh ponies as they can live on fresh air… the vet was always happy with him….for those who never have anything nice to say… hope you approve a big thank you to those who posted on this site for your kind and warm words.

2 thoughts on “Ed and Ross: The Happy Times

  1. No bad words here! That was awsome. Ed reminds me of my Welsh boy, Tobi. Yes, Welsh are stout and easily look tubby, but that is thier build. They are strong ponies, Ross could easily ride Ed for many years to come. When I got my Tobi I thought he was a bit fat, and I’ve trimmed him down some but he always looks like he has a bit of a barrel when next to my Shetland mare (yes, Shetland, she is a Classic Shetland and looks like a mini Thoroughbred). But watching Ed reminds me that Welsh are what they are. We joke that if Tobi were a human, the boy would be happy sitting in front of a TV with a remote with a a pile of munchies! Tobi can be a food hound, so yes we watch what he eats. But I am now a fan of Welsh ponies. They are very very socialable, and gentle, with personality plus! And I also kudo you on the pony/boy ratio size. I am tired of seeing these kids age 4 to 10 on these huge 16 plus horses – so big the kids need velcro to stay in the saddle. Welsh ponies are perfect for kids!

  2. That has got to be the cutest video ever!!! There is nothing more precious than the bond between a child and their pony and yes Welsh ponies are designed to look chubby and stalky. That is their gift and their charm as it allows small children the chance to stay riding their ponies for many years despite their growth. Bless that sweet lads heart.Cheers.

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