4 thoughts on “Riding with fire fans

  1. Oh my goodness, that was fantasic. I wonder how long it takes to teach a horse to concentrate and not react,primarily to the shooting flames. Very dramatic and very well ridden.

  2. Her body control was magnificent. The reins were attached to a strap around her waist and the horse was wearing a curb. When I watched the video, mostly I was thinking about the potential for a nasty accident. If she had fallen off, the poor horse would have had her full weight on his mouth. No helmet either.

  3. I admit it’s amazing, totally amazing.
    And all I could think was: “I hope to God she is not wearing hairspray.” and “If you wired this horse’s heart rate, what would you find underneath that apparently calm exterior?”
    That said, I sure couldn’t ride like that!

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