Matthias Rath gets ride on Totilas

Matthias Alexander Rath, Totilas, Paul Schockemöhle och Ann-Kathrin Linsenhoff.

There’s always been a touch of the dramatic about Totilas and today was no exception.

The announcement of Totilas’ new rider, revealed to be 26-year old Matthias Alexander Rath, was broadcast via streaming video (finally, a new video was posted!) and Rath rode Totilas in a demonstration ride.

Anticipation of the announcement was the “buzz” of the dressage sites for several days with the choice of Rath one of the worst kept “secrets.”

Matthias Alexander Rath and Totilas performed during the press conference.

Today it was announced that German rider Matthias Alexander Rath will get the ride on Moorlands Totilas. There had been much speculation in the dressage world about who would get the ride but it was reported that Rath had enjoyed a “test” ride on the stallion last week. reports that he said,

“I’m not  really an emotional person but when I rode that first pirouette I had to laugh. The feeling is amazing. I’m happy and grateful that I can ride this horse.”

At the press conference it was also revealed that  Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff, Rath’s stepmother, co-owns the horse with Schockemohle.

While many people are still upset that Edward Gal lost the ride on Totilas, I hope that Rath and Totilas enjoy their partnership. After riding the horse only six times, the video makes it look like they are on their way. Hats off to Edward Gal. His excellent training seems to be done more that just make Totilas a one-rider wonder; instead he trained the stallion to be rideable. I’m not in any way trying to take away from the partnership that the two had — but part of the training process, at least in my opinion, is to create a horse that can be ridden by more than just the trainer.

5 thoughts on “Matthias Rath gets ride on Totilas

  1. I think, that it is great for the young rider Mathias Rath to get the upportunity to get to ride a fantastic horse as Totilas. Of course many of us will compare Mathias with Edward Gal but there are not 2 riders who rides the same way and Mathias is still young. I can say that I’m looking forward to see Mathias and Totilas together at the dressage events at the next outdoor season.

  2. I am too cynical to think that Totilas was sold just to further the German team. My theory is too controversial and go alongs the lines of “If you can’t beat the competition, then buy their horse!”

  3. Edward Gal made Tortilas the horse that he is. Matthias is too rushed in his style. It’s obvious in Tortilas’s gait. It’s a shame that the bond and great working relationship that Edward and Tortilas had is over. I don’t believe that Matthias will get the same out of him.

  4. It is truly a shame that this horse is no longer ridden by Edward Gal. This is -or was-a great horse, he should not be ridden by someone who is not capable of matching his greatness. It is ludicrous to make so many excuses for Rath, at this level of riding there are no excuses. Before his sale, Totilas was considered by many to be the greatest dressage horse in the world. Now he is described as looking “uncoordinated”, out of rythm, held back; public performances have been cancelled and allegations of cruelty have even surfaced.
    Together, Edward and Totilas might have become legends. But, sadly Totilas was sold and is no londger the same horse. We will never get to see his greatness again. Anyone can have money, but not anyone can have, or be, a legend. To me the sale of this horse and separating Edward from Tortilas was like separating Nicole from Rembrandt. It’s a loss all around -for the dressage world, for Totilas, and for Edward.
    But perhaps that is just what was intended.
    At least we have films of the great rides. I weep every time I watch the 2009 Olympia performance. Totilas flies!

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