Warming up your bit in winter makes for a happy horse

You can use a commercial product to warm up a bit or go the DIY route for free or nearly free.

Putting an icy cold bit in a horse’s mouth is unkind and uncomfortable. I loved riding Kroni bitless in the winter because it was never a problem. Freedom, however, tends to ignore most bitless solutions, so it’s not really an option.

What are some of the tricks to warming up a bit? It depends on whether you are a DIYer or you want to spend some cash.

First, the free, or nearly free, solutions

  • If you already have an electric kettle, put some water on when you get to the barn. Depending on the design you can either put the bit in the kettle or pour some water over it (use the rest for beet pulp and make your horse a warm snack!)
  • Plug in a heating pad and wrap your bit in it while you groom.
  • Blast it with hot air from a hair dryer.
  • Hang the bridle around your neck with the bit zipped inside your coat.
  • Buy¬† disposable heat backs and wrap your bit up with that (they actually make a handy holding case, called a Bitten Warmer that buckles around the bit). You can use the heat packs to warm up your hands later! I buy these at Costco for not too much $$.
  • Fill an old sock with rice, tie off the end and stick it in the microwave (either at the barn or, if you live close by, before you leave). The rice-filled sock will drape nicely over the bit.
  • Hold it in your hand and blow on it. It does work but leaves your fingers chilled.

If you want to get a bit more fancy (or need a winter gift for a horse-riding friend), here are some commercial products.

Or, you can always go bitless. Problem solved!

Tell me, what do you cold weather riders do to warm your horse’s bit?

4 thoughts on “Warming up your bit in winter makes for a happy horse

  1. i bring the bridle into my apartment when not in use. I bring it out to the horse just when it’s time to bridle .

  2. I teach my students to use their hands. When they complain of the cold, it’s a great teachable moment. Me- I sit on it while doing a lesson plan (The one I should have done last night.) Andrea-I like your idea as it helps keep the leather in condition as well.
    Ripp Campbell
    Western Washington

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