Horses try to swim to safety in Queensland flooding

Horse swims to safety in Queensland floods
This horse swam more than 1km to dry land, led by the Chinchilla SES Boat Crew.

Harrowing photos and video of the flooding in Queensland, Australia have dominated the news now for days. In addition to the devastating loss of human life, horses, cows and other livestock have been swept away — or stranded in neck high water.

Panicked horses are difficult to handle. While some horses managed to swim to higher land on their own, many have been trapped. Some dramatic video has emerged that show some real human heros who have risked their own lives to try and save animals who couldn’t find their own way.

Although the team below helped bring the horses (and some cows) out, many of the animals were severely cut by the tin roofs and other debris. A veterinarian donated his time to treat them. The compassion of these individuals, and the many more who have helped saved lives during this tragedy, is amazing.

The Australian Government is appealing for donations to help flood victims. Their website is here. The Australian RSPCA site, seeking donations for animals, is here. Please be careful of scam organizations who take advantage of disasters to misappropriate funds.

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