Purses that look like saddles

Equestrian inspired accessories seem to be fashionable even among those who have probably only thought about riding a horse.

Given the cost of many designer purses, I’d rather use the money for a real saddle. In fact, I find it amusing that people are willing to pay so much for “pretend” miniature saddles, even though some of them are quite cute, such as the selection from Christian Dior. New, these pocket books go for more than $1,000; used they still command a respectable $500+.

Dior Saddle Purse
Christian Dior Vintage Flowers Saddle Bag
Dior Flight Shearling Saddle Handbag
This Dior bag even comes with its own sheepskin seat saver!
Dior Saddle Purse with saddle bag
And this Dior purse has a little saddle bag for small items.
Denim saddle purse
For the more casual look (but not more casual price tag), here's a saddle purse in denim.



3 thoughts on “Purses that look like saddles

  1. I like the last one, even though that looks like a bit hanging from the stirrup leather. I agree, money better spent on a real saddle. And those big western saddle purses…….U G L Y.

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