Talk about form over fences!

Mike Plumb and Bold Minstral 1964 Olympics
This form is what I aspire to achieve over a fence of any size! This is connection to die for with a rock solid leg and an automatic release that follows effortlessly and maintains contact without becoming restrictive. It's Mike Plumb and Bold Minstral 1964 Olympics.

One thought on “Talk about form over fences!

  1. Indeed, a strong leg. Interesting topic – as always.
    There are riders I admire with different styles, one is Bernie Traurig.
    I mention him only because I’m studying his video series for an article about (non promo) about him. The depth of weight in heels he emphasizes really creates a great supporting brace, and yet he stays soft, elastic and relaxed. All the basics of flatwork apply!
    I say this with the caveat of someone who simply jumps low cavalleti at most, given a wish to preserve a musculoskeletal condition! But one can still get a sense, as you said of what’s right at any size jump.

    Andrea Reynes
    Animal Journalist

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