Gray horse, cold backed, easy keeper during winter months

Snow horse for two
Christina Walters and her sister Kim built this magnificent snow horse in 2008 and enjoyed a Christmas ride.

This has to be one of the best snow horses I’ve seen!

21 year old Christina Walters of Chimacum, Wa., has been building snow horses since she was 9 years old.  Horses that she could ride.

Each year her snow ponies got a bit bigger. In 2008 she and her sister Kim built this impressive steed. It took several days to sculpt. She started with the legs, added the body, then built the neck, head and tail.

Building the horse meant hauling hundreds of pounds of snow to the location — guess they don’t have the kind of snow we have here in the Northeast this year. With more than 3′ of snow on the ground, our greatest problem would be clearing a place to put the horse!

In any case, may Christina serve as an inspiration for all of us. When there’s too much snow to ride, there is always an alternative.

3 thoughts on “Gray horse, cold backed, easy keeper during winter months

  1. Wonderful!
    Sitting here, I first thought: there was a 9 year old who really really should have had a pony. That snow horse is a testament to a passion for horses. On the other hand, had the 9 year old gotten a pony, we wouldn’t be seeing Art in snow! Truly an amazing feat. Go Christina!

  2. I always built snow horses! Never that far off the ground though, mine were usually body and neck with little to no legs. Getting the horse’s body up that high is impressive. Then again, I do remember the year we built an igloo in our neighbors yard. Like an actual, honest to god igloo to scale with the roof and everything.

    Good times. I miss playing in the snow.

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