Teaser for Budweiser’s next Super Bowl ad

Along with the countdown to the Super Bowl comes the countdown to the ads. Budweiser has issued as sneak preview to one of it’s upcoming commercial starring its ever-popular Clydesdales with just enough of a teaser to get folks pondering about the story line. (I’ve heard there may be three Clydesdale commercials this year!).

So, what are your predictions on what the rest of this commercial will be about?

(My apologies – the movie link wasn’t working when I posted it yesterday).

4 thoughts on “Teaser for Budweiser’s next Super Bowl ad

  1. Hmmm. Hard to tell…scorpion would be squashed flat before it could try to sting higher than the coronet band. Unless they are delivering beer to the poor, misunderstood, very thirty desert scorpion? 😉

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