Massachusetts residents have 4 days to rally support for anti-slaughter bill

Horses being shipped to slaughterIf you are a Massachusetts resident who opposes horse slaughter, now is the time to call in your support for a bill now on Beacon Hill that bans horse slaughter for human consumption and its associated bulk transport. The bill is seeking co-sponsors until February 4th.

Read the bill text at

  1. Find your state Rep and Senator here:
  2. Call their offices and ask them both to support and cosponsor SD 228 by Senator Stephen Brewer, a state bill banning horse slaughter for human consumption (and related bulk transport) in Massachusetts.
  3. Politely remind your Rep/Senator that you are a constituent and ask them to contact Brewer’s staffer Alicia G. Bandy to sign on as a cosponsor promptly.  Ms. Bandy is Deputy Chief of Staff & Legislative Director for the Office of bill sponsor Senator Stephen Brewer (617) 722-1540,  fax (617) 722-1078

4 thoughts on “Massachusetts residents have 4 days to rally support for anti-slaughter bill

  1. So sick, can’t even look or read anymore. What goes around comes around – these people have it coming to them for their cruelty – the sooner the better.

  2. Thank you so much for bringing this urgent issue to your readers’ attention.
    Here’s a link to my piece about the pending legislation, published a few days ago in my Equine Advocacy column on
    I’ve been calling and Emailing my own state senator, Sen. Jennifer Flanagan, for the last 10 days, and when I followed up this morning, her office confirmed that she has agreed to co-sponsor Sen. Brewer’s bill (currently Senate Docket 228). If every Massachusetts reader of this blog picked up the phone to do the same, we would get there. Remember that without enough co-sponsors, the bill is likely never to reach the floor. Thanks.

  3. “The majority of the slaughter horses are byproducts of the sport horse industry. Racehorses that no longer win races (or produce foals) constitute between 16% and 19% of the slaughter horse population; Quarter Horses account for a whopping 70% of all breeds slaughtered according to the USDA; and rodeo stock is well represented.”
    from the Forbes article:

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