5 thoughts on “Count down to the next Budweiser Clydesdale ads . . .

  1. I now giggle whenever I see anything Clydesdale.
    The fairgrounds here are on I-10, and a regular stop when they’re doing distance driving with them. A few weeks ago there were two staying there while I had my horse out to school at an Arabian show, since dressage shows are at the same place – and I figured nothing would be as scary at a dressage show as a breed show with so many disciplines, carts, saddle seat horses (he couldn’t figure out what they were spooking at!), etc.
    After a ride I was hand walking him around, and he had a swinging head, just kind of looking and giving a head nod to each of the (much shorter – he’s a 16.3hh OTTB) Arabs as we went… he started to do the same to the Clydesdales as we went past, then stopped dead in his tracks, turned 90 degrees to look at them and just stared like “What the… huh?” Looked at me, I was laughing, decided that meant it was ok, and went back to his head-swinging walk as if they hadn’t startled him.

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