7 thoughts on “Unsafe trailering taken to a new level

  1. When I was a kid we used to see horses in pickup trucks all the time. But they did have tall side, usually slatted wood walls. There are ranches where they still haul horses around like this, not on streets, but on their own land to get them out to where the cattle are. I can’t imagine seeing this nowadays on a paved road.

  2. Absolutely appauling, don’t you think. I hope this person was seen by the police and heavily fined. I know if I saw it I would call 911.

  3. Come to Turkey. I saw the same thing last year on a back country road outside of Istanbul. I followed them for about 20 minutes, took several photos. If the traffic police saw them they would not stop them or fine them. It’s not illegal here and most likely is not illegal in Egypt. These are just farmers transporting their animals. I am not saying it is right. Riding horses are transported in proper horse vans and it costs about $200 for a half hour trip. A newly arrived foreign woman was charged 800 euros to have her horses transported about 45 minutes. The average yearly income for an entire family in Turkey is $5000 so you can see that hiring a proper van would be out of the question.

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