Extreme horse sports – horse boarding

Horse skiing
A whole new way to have fun with horses.

Here’s a way to get your adrenalin-loving non-horsey family members to appreciate your horse.

Horse boarding (nothing to do with caring for horses) started on UK shores in 2008, hitting the country with force through the 2009 season. The sport combines the excitement of horse racing with the extreme nature of  mountain boarding and guarantees an action -packed spectacle for contestants and spectators alike.

Looks like fun?

4 thoughts on “Extreme horse sports – horse boarding

  1. Dont like this idea – hows the horse supposed to keep balanced pulling that weight all over the place behind it?

  2. I think I’d have to see it in action? I totally get Val’s point.
    I’d want to know how the line is attached etc. And I have a horse that is used to being attached to a heaving steer by a rope, it’s made his balance fantastic. Only horse I’ve ever felt totally safe galloping on in an arena. (gallop an circle don’t usually go together all that well) 😉

  3. Hi, I would ask the question how do horses balance in polo or horse ball. You can pull a man on a board with one arm. The Pressure involved is not great at all.
    We have two systems of connecting to the saddle. one fron the saddle its self and one from the girth. We recommend the use of breast plates in both cases, however both have been tested with out breast plates and dont often course the saddle to move. It takes about 10 mins for the horse to realise how to pull. To be honest the horses bearly feel us on the board.
    As yet (touch wood) we have had no injuries to horses through horse boarding or surfing. How often are horses injured in other sports.

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