These take the term “hoof boots” to a whole new level!

horse hoof shoesI’m not sure why anyone thought this was a good idea, but you can now buy designer boots fashioned to look like hooves! I guess these would be hoof boots for humans.

According to the Daily Mail, the footwear, made for ladies who want to stand out features an imitation hoof made from carbon fiber and up to 5,000 individual horse hairs.

models wearing horses hoovesPersonally, I find them to be creepy looking, especially when they show models wearing “breeches”. It makes them look like centaurs.

I suppose the only good news is that for your $2,100 investment, these are hooves that never need to be trimmed or shod. Although I suspect you might need to have the heels replaced in time.

4 thoughts on “These take the term “hoof boots” to a whole new level!

  1. Ahhhhhhh, totally creepy! Why is it that clothes/shoes get weirder as they get more expensive?

  2. I think this is even more creepy to horse people because, despite being a high heeled shoe, the hoof has no heel and the pastern has a major angle problem.

    But it would be creepy even if it seemed anatomically correct and healthy.

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