Does this chick have superglue on her breeches?

I can’t imagine jumping a 6′ fence. Jumping a 6′ fence bareback on a mare that is only 15.1 hands? Beyond imagination. But apparently, not beyond the realm of possibility.

Check out New Zealand’s Vicki Wilson jumping Showtym Girl at the New Zealand Horse of the Year Show, March 19, 2011.

2 thoughts on “Does this chick have superglue on her breeches?

    1. If you aren’t this balanced on a horse, don’t jump. Take the steel “horse” shoes off (would you slap those on your feet?), buy her a bitless bridle, become a centaur either bareback or with a saddle that actually fits the horse, consider that the trusting horse is jumping that huge object blind (she’s prey – built to see behind her and out to the side) THEN decide if she’d jump the damn thing by choice.

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