Need to get a couple of horses legged up this spring?

Ponying polo ponies
Need to leg up a few horses this spring? Here's a short cut! Polo players and their grooms are masters of multitasking. While I can't find it now, I've seen a photo of a groom ponying 12 horses! Although Freedom was probably ponied at the track, I've never tried it with him. I thought about it when I still had Kroni (who was big enough and calm enough to stop him if he got silly).


One thought on “Need to get a couple of horses legged up this spring?

  1. At the barn I grew up riding at we had a field about a mile down the road we would take some horses to at night. The barn owner would only come pick us up once, so we got very creative in getting all 12 horses down to their field in one trip. Now, I’m not saying my 14 year old self would ever do something so dangerous as ride bareback with a halter and leadrope and pony 11 horses at the same time, but it is a mighty convienet (and terrifying) way to accomplish the task. In case you were wondering, the outside 4 horses had to be on lungelines because the regular ropes were not long enough. You know, hypothetically.

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