Riding in between the raindrops

It was the first day of hunting and despite the light rain and the gloomy skies we had an awesome ride. The field was small, but dedicated. The hounds were spot on and horses had a great time.

Freedom was just so excited to be out hunting again. He watched the hounds like a hawk and had enough energy for two hunts. Although he had some problems with listening and jigging, he was a good boy who obviously remembered that this is his job.

I was very pleased by how sound he felt. Even after the third cast, when he was starting to get a bit tired, he still felt good. The question will be how he feels tomorrow!

For the first time ever we had a “flat tire”. We lost a Cavallo boot while galloping. The top velcro strap had come undone. That shouldn’t have caused it to come off, but maybe the wet conditions contributed to the failure. I’m going to have to reconsider ways to make them more secure. Stopping mid gallop and putting the boot back on is not something I want to repeat!

Timing is everything and it started raining harder as soon as we got back to the trailers. Maybe we just didn’t notice how wet it was until we stopped!

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  1. What? No pictures? Please post some if you have ANY! Would love to see that gorgeous countryside & Freedom & you out in it, if possible!

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