3 thoughts on “Wintec Webbers reviewd on Tack Guru

  1. I do not like synthetic leathers, any brand. Good quality (not cheap) leather leathers (lol) have a distinct feel, swing and give to them that synthetic does not. I can tell which is on a saddle without looking, just by feel. Ok, boring afternoon at the barn and we swapped leathers around. So I disagree with this choice.

  2. The Bates Company (owner/mfg of Wintec) makes these in very nice leather. Dover has them among others.

  3. I have a Wintec saddle with these on it. I love them. I tend to run the leathers behind the flap, which means I can ride in shorts when the weather gets really hot. I don’t feel that much of a difference between those and real leathers, and the less bulk makes me feel I have more leg control as well.

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