Full Metal Jousting – are you ready for it?!

Modern day jousting
Jousting has been a staple of Rennaisance fairs for many years. Now coming to the History Channel!

Jousting apparently is alive, well and the subject of a new reality TV show.

“Full Metal Jousting” is soliciting participants who can win up to $100,000 for participating. The show is sponsored by the History Channel and aims to recreate the sport as it was played in medieval times.

No previous jousting experience is required but you should be a skilled equestrian and have “the heart of a warrier.”

Note to self: this makes eventing look pretty darn safe.

6 thoughts on “Full Metal Jousting – are you ready for it?!

  1. I chuckle to myself when I think about the possibility of doing something like this! Ha! I’d probably end up stabbing my horse, then myself. But I’d surely miss my opponent every darn time!
    This is surely for people far more coordinated than me…..although if it’s meant for tv and winning money, I’m sure it will draw the loonies out of the woodwork and might be most interesting to watch!

  2. So my husband and I actually DO joust, but it saddens me to see jousting made into a reality TV show. I am familiar with some of the “characters” who are instrumental in putting this show together, and they’re more about WWF RAW that about jousting as it actually was in medieval times. If you watch the sport done at Leeds in the UK, or at the Tournament of the Phoenix in CA, or at Lysts on the Lake in TX (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYhdz1bPTAE), it’s about chivalry and the art of riding. Folks are there because they love the sport and want to recreate it. No reality show is going to be about that – it’ll be about the drama and who ends up the most broken. Not so cool, IMHO.

    OTOH, if anyone is interested in jousting, let me know and I may be able to find someone near you who can get you started. It’s a fun, fun sport but it requires a lot of equipment (i.e. armor) and a very steady horse. Compared to eventing… weeel, having done both, the type of jousting I do is actually probably safer! Sadly, there ARE jousters out there who will boast about how many bones they’ve broken or broken on other people, but most folks aren’t into jousting as a blood sport – instead, it’s about control and accuracy. I do worry about safety in this show because people can’t bring their own horses (and trained jousting horses aren’t exactly common) nor can they bring their own armor (which means the armor they’ll be using won’t be terribly well fitted). Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised.

    1. i am inetrested in jousting and where can i get the equipment and how much is the cost of it all i live in new orleans louisiana where can i see it live my name is george and i wait your reply thanks a million.

      1. George, I would recommend visiting texasjoust.com and get in touch with the organizers for that event if you are interested.

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