A very young rider

A very young rider

This photo shows that my addiction to horses started when I was two. And it’s all my father’s fault. Although my father was not a rider, he took me riding several times at a place where you could rent a horse and ride in the field next to the barn. I must have asked him to take me because I doubt he would have thought of it on his own.

In fact, riding at the Spano’s barn is one of my earliest memories. Specifically, my memory is of the time when the horse trotted off and I slipped inch by inch along it’s neck until I landed on the ground. Looking at the horse (who appears to be asleep) I would bet it didn’t trot very fast.

Obviously, that wasn’t a deterrent.

I still drive by the place where the Spano’s barn used to be. It’s long gone, replaced by a church. But each time I drive by I remember those early rides when I was a very young rider.

4 thoughts on “A very young rider

  1. Soo adorable! You seemed to take riding seriously judging from the way you were seated with your reins held firmly in your hand & the look of concentration on your face. Not surprising that you grew up to be an equestrian.

  2. good alignment!

    At seven, riding my first horse (who was about a 16 hand show hunter) felt like being atop a high mountain. I’ve never forgotten that exhilaration.

  3. Priceless! Thanks for sharing! Good ol’ King looks like a gem, and you look so very proud to be up there.

    Loved the post as it brought me back to my youth, when my Dad would take me to either the Watchung Stables or someplace out on Long Island. Which was funny, now that I think about it, as my Mom was the one who loved horses as a kid.
    I do remind him, whenever he makes noises about how much horses have cost him, that he was the one who either instigated the whole thing, even if he was just trying to shut me up or get me off his back (Frank made a darn fine steed back in the day!) LOL

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