A decorative use for old horse shoes

I’ve written before about people who turn old horse shoes into pieces of sculpture, A Better Use for Old Shoes. I recently came across another way to turn horse shoes into art — this one a bit more accessible for those of us not comfortable wielding a blow torch: Beaded horse shoes. Check them out. They are quite lovely!

I think it would be great way to remember a favorite horse. I’m going to have to search and see if I still have any of Kroni’s old shoes. With a bit of ribbon, glue and beads you can make something quite memorable and individual.


beaded horse shoe
This one is from GlobalHorseCulture.com
Beaded Horse Shoe
This one is for sale in the Etsy shop Old Yellow Horse Gifts (there are several people selling them)
Beaded horse shoe
Shoe from SophisticatedCowgirlJewelry.com

One thought on “A decorative use for old horse shoes

  1. I’ll have to do this with one of Moxo’s old shoes What a lovely artisitic tribute!

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