It’s good to have friends

Curly and Willow
Curly has taken on a mothering role with Willow

It’s nice to see Curly (the paint) and Willow (the bay) cuddling up together. Willow’s mother, Annie, was put down this spring when it was obvious that old age had reduced her quality of life. Willow was distraught.

I moved Freedom over to Willow’s barn at night to keep her company and they have become good friends. But not like Willow and Curly. I see these two grooming each other, grazing together and, when it’s hot, they will stand together in a stall to stay cool. I know the Curly once had a foal; perhaps the mothering instinct in her is still strong.


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  1. Aww, precious! Thx for this. I’ve been doing some reading on slaughter of “unwanted horses” across the country & was feeling sad & angry. This worked like a salve on an open sore to ease my feelings. God bless you!

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