Out to pasture

Out to Pasture

I drive by this horse several times a week. Each time he reminds me of when I was a kid and used to drag my “bouncy” horse outside to ride it. In my memory I spent hours with “Big Red”. Certainly we had lots of adventures. I believe that Big Red still lives in the attic at my grandparents’ old house . . .

I’ve never seen any children play with this horse, but he has a pretty nice “retirement” home. There are cattle that live on the other side of the fence and sheep just down the road.  I’m just waiting to see what happens when it snows. Who knows, I might have to go out and put a small blanket on him.

3 thoughts on “Out to pasture

  1. It looks very much like a TRIANG horse – we bought one for our firstborn 27 years ago when TRIANG closed down. It lasted many years but sadly is no longer with us. Our kids enjoyed many years with it.

  2. Awww. For some reason this strikes me as sad. He seems abandoned out in that field, when he clearly deserves to have joyful kids living out classic kid adventures on his back. What memories he brings back — I used to spend hours on one very similar. Even when I got so big the springs strained and his nose and tail almost touched the ground! (Well, I had to ride something! Didn’t have a pony and the dog was off limits! LOL)

    1. I get that same feeling myself. Of course, I don’t drive by on the weekends but I’ve never seen any kids playing with him and as the summer went on, the grass got longer and longer.

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