A moment of silence for Hickstead

Hickstead has amazing talent. It's hard to imagine clearing a fence of this size with so much room to spare. This dramatic photo was taken by Krista Kocot.

Hickstead, the remarkable Canadian show jumper ridden by Eric Lamaze, collapsed and died today after completing his round in the World Cup show jumping competition in Verona, Italy.

The amazing Dutch Warmblood stallion was relatively small (16h) but mighty. He won an Olympic gold medal in 2008 and had four clear rounds in the in the 2010 final of the World Equestrian Games. Hickstead was 15.

Tragically, the entire episode was broadcast live on television. People suspect that Hickstead died from a heart attack.

After Hickstead’s death, the competition was stopped as a mark of respect for the stallion.  All the competitors then filed into the arena for a minute of silence.

News of Hickstead’s death has reverberated through equestrian community. Let us all take our own moment of silence to honor this great athlete.

Below are some videos that show Hickstead in his prime.

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  1. What a beautiful heartwrenching tribute to the great stallion Hickstead who touched so many and whose loss will be felt by so many for a very long time.A beautiful tribute to a great horse, great Canadian and great partner. Eric and all those who loved him is
    extend my deepest sympathies to,God Bless.

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