There’s room for one more

Pony riding in the dressing room
The pony fit neatly in the dressing room

At one of the hunts we went to last fall there was a very cute small pony.

When loading up to go home, I saw someone load their two horses into their trailer. Then, I thought I saw the pony go into the dressing room. I thought I was seeing things. But, indeed, the pony fit neatly into the dressing room and looked quite comfortable there!

POny in the trailer
The pony looked quite content.

2 thoughts on “There’s room for one more

  1. My trainer from years ago had one of those humongous 6 horse trailers with the center storage. She loaded up 6 horses and 2 ponies in the middle all the time. The ponies were large Welsh and had to be tied facing each other over a bale of hay so they would eat and stand still. Otherwise – they would chase each other around. Ponies are a different world! LOL

  2. Good thing that pony has a break away crown on that nylon halter. Look to the left of the pony’s head to see a metal bridle hook. Imagine the wreck if the pony swung it’s head up a bit and hooked the halter on a hook.

    Really, all the hooks should be removed or capped (e.g. tape a roll of vetwrap onto each hook) if you are going to put a pony in the dressing room. A hook could catch an eye or lip.

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