No snow on this sledding hill

Sledding Hill - February 2012Most winters I don’t get to ride up to the top of this hill because it’s covered by kids sledding down it. This is an awesome sledding hill. You can get up some serious speed and the hill goes on and on.

From an equestrian’s perspective it’s a place to avoid during peak snow traffic. There is little more terrifying than being on a horse with a kid coming at you on an inflatable tube at 20-odd miles per hour!

This year there has been virtually no snow in New England. The only sign of sledding activity is a deflated tube and a discarded plastic sled. Instead, it looks like early spring with lots of grass and the occasional Bluebird.

Freedom and I went out for about a two hour hack today. It was in the low 40s and sunny. The ground is still a bit hard in places but in the big fields it had warmed up enough to have a brisk canter. Freedom was still a bit ouchy from his abscess but boots on he felt pretty good.

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