Sheep? Dogs? This horse isn’t bothered!

Gotta love this horse. He’s not bothered by anything! This is exactly the kind of horse you’d like to have out in the hunt field.

The first time Freedom saw a sheep I thought he’d have a heart attack. He was fine . . . until they moved and he realized they were alive!

5 thoughts on “Sheep? Dogs? This horse isn’t bothered!

  1. “….yup, you are correct, this is a great horse to have in the hunt field & actually a great horse to have anywhere! But, oh my gosh, I couldn’t help but laugh while watching this video, it’s so amusing & it’s really cute too! However, if you were to replace that horse with my guy Valie & put me in the saddle, I’m sure that he & I would’ve been galloping half-way across the United States after the first 15 seconds of being chased and/or in a race with the sheep & the dog! Or, if not that, I would’ve been launched into outer space & Valie would still be running, right now, with reins and stirrups a-flying!”

  2. Are you sure that’s a sheep? It acts like a dog; and I think I heard it barking. Maybe it is really a big, fat, fluffy poodle.

    Funny, funny video.

    What a wonderful horse! That was really cute to watch. I thought that sheep might jump a couple of those fences. I had the sound turned up and both my dogs jumped up from their beds and started barking. They wanted to join the chase.

  3. That was funny. I think the sheep thought the safest place was with the horse. I loved how it made the turns the way the horse did last time and if the course had changed it speeded up to get with the horse again. My horse is not friendly to dogs underfoot, probably couldn’t concentrate on dogs and jumps.

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