Horses that help

Willow helping at the barnToday was a glorious 67 degrees out. Not bad for the beginning of March! I spent some attention on our much neglected paddock. It’s hard to clean it when there’s snow, mud or when the manure is frozen to the ground.

Willow, who shares a barn with Freedom, is always interested in anything that’s happening in her pasture. Or maybe she’s just hoping to scrounge a peppermint. She followed me around inspecting (or supervising) my clean up and then appeared to try to help me out. If I could only get her to push the wheelbarrow, pasture cleaning would go so much faster!

Perhaps I should let her watch this video where a horse looks like he’s sweeping the floor.

One thought on “Horses that help

  1. My horse likes to pick up objects as if he were going to help like that horse did. But then he hits me with them! Thanks for sharing – it looks like it is nicer than when I was out that was a week earlier!

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