My first vintage print

Vintage jockey print
I used this vintage print from my grandfather in this collage. Much of the print background was damaged from the glue that had been used to attach it to a mat. Luckily the horse and the jockey emerged unscathed.

Today I found an image that my grandfather had given me many years ago. He was a commercial artist back in the day when ads were drawn, not photographed. He was also a painter and photographer, and a lover of racehorses. Although he did not draw this ad, he loved this style of art and kept a clipping file of work he admired.

When I was maybe five or six, I can remember going to Belmont Park to watch the races with him. I was only old enough to love the beauty of the horses; not enough to understand betting. But I still remember sitting in the stands, watching the horses as they pranced out to the starting gate.

Looking at this wonderful art deco image, I wonder if this print — which has been tucked away for several decades — is what sparked my interest in vintage equestrian prints. Although my grandfather died when I was only 12, in many ways he left an indelible impression my taste. Along with vintage equestrian prints, I also collect vintage Mexican jewelry (it did take me many years to appreciate the jewelry that heĀ  had left to me).

One thought on “My first vintage print

  1. I love the print – IT IS WONDERFUL CONSIDERING IT WAS DRAWN! I will be on the lookout now for some vintage equestrian prints. I collected ones from Richard Stone Reeves – who was commissioned for notable TB’s. He is no longer with us either, but he did amazing work as your grandfather had.

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