Designing a more comfortable helmet

I think that one of the reasons why people don’t wear helmets all the time is that they are not always comfortable. And if you do find one that fits well, you can’t EVER change your hair style! I always ride with a helmet but now that I’ve grown my hair longer, I am struggling with how to make my hair and my helmets compatible. Sometimes changing the padding in the helmets just doesn’t work well enough, especially when you don’t start to feel the pressure points until you’re half an hour or so into your ride.

Troxel has just introduced their new “Cinch Fit” system for their new helmets. It looks interesting and might just well accommodate changing hair. I’m going to try one on next time I’m in a tack shop (but that might be awhile as I avoid visiting tack shops as much as possible!).

Have you tried one of these new helmets? What are your secrets to ensuring helmet fit?


One thought on “Designing a more comfortable helmet

  1. I don’t trust any “adjust-a-fit” systems to fully support my head. The padding is what is there and tested for safety – I am guessing you wouldn’t be getting the same results on a test with the testing device held in place by an adjustable piece of plastic like the ones I’ve seen in person are, instead of held in place by well fitting padding.
    I’m lucky to have access to tack stores with different types of helmets so I have found which ones fit my head. But it is really awful how hard that can be!

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