Sulky race on Irish road causes road rage

There’s just so much wrong with this race on an Irish road — weaving in and out of traffic two Travellers raced their harness horses down a busy Irish road while police tried to stop them. There are moments where the cars are so close to the horses that you just have to hold your breath.

Sulky racing is a longstanding tradition among the Traveler community.

5 thoughts on “Sulky race on Irish road causes road rage

  1. Who’s in the car making the video? Is that a second police car? I just didn’t understand that part. That horse is fearless. Remarkable, in many ways. None of them good, except the horse survived–at least it looks like s/he did. The video just ends?

    1. Listening to the voices in the car it’s clear they’re part of it and the young lad at the end is calling to his ‘da’ – one of the horse drivers…

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