When did 2’6″ get so big?

When I was younger, I loved to jump big fences. I loved the thrill and the air time. 4′ courses were just a regular lesson. When I started eventing there was no Beginner Novice and the Novice fences looked very manageable, even on a green horse.

But the older I get, the smaller my comfort zone has . I’ve been pondering this dilemma for awhile. Should I push the envelope? Or admit that I don’t bounce like I used to and enjoy the small stuff. Still, it was humbling when I brought a tape measure to the ring and realized the jumps that were starting to look big were, in truth, only 2’6″.

Today I came across this Facebook post from Denny Emerson and realized that I have been shrinking my comfort zone too much. It’s time to get a trainer out to push me a bit and help me remember that I can do it. What about you? Do you still jump big fences or are fences starting to look big to you, too? How do you deal with it?

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One thought on “When did 2’6″ get so big?

  1. 4′ always looked big to me. Then again, I started jumping it when I was not yet 4′ tall! My trainer would tell me to jump it, and I would, but there was always part of me which didn’t want to. There was also a part of me which wanted to ride dressage from the time before I had even been on a horse (thank you Disney’s Miracle of the White Stallions!) So in my case, the discipline change was obvious. Still, I can’t figure out when 2’6″ became big to the general horse world – I remember growing up you didn’t get to jump at shows if you weren’t jumping at least 3′, and then you could only jump in the easiest, least worthwhile classes! I find the change in general attitude very interesting.

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