Does your horse treat you like a Pez dispenser?

Feeding horse treatsI’ve never been a huge fan of giving horses treats. That may be because I’ve had a few big horses and I never wanted them to be crawling into my pockets looking for mints. What really cured me was watching a woman I used to know train her horse to have food aggression issues.

One day I watched her try to catch her horse in the field. The bratty pony didn’t want to get caught so the woman came back out with a handful of grain. The pony promptly charged her and then turned around and kicked out, making contact. The woman dropped the grain and left. The pony? She ambled over and ate the grain out of the grass. Score one for the pony and zero for the human!

I wasn’t sure which one deserved to be slapped first: the pony or her owner. However, I was pretty sure which one was in charge!

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