Does your horse eat jello?

I was over at Eventing Nation recently and read a guest post there that made me laugh out loud. Yvette Seger, I hope we hear more from you!

My parents put me in Girl Scouts as means of procuring a direct connection to a Thin Mints dealer, but all hell broke loose when I went to the week-long camp where I was paired with a big bay mare who reared, bucked, bit and was wholly inappropriate for an 8 year old. Upon returning to civilization, I begged my parents for riding lessons. This led to us moving from the suburbs to the country so that I could keep my own horse in our backyard. Did I mention that my parents are non-horsey and that they put their faith in their 11 year old daughter to tell them what this quadruped needed to survive? Smokey, if you can read this, I’m sorry I made you eat Jell-O. I thought you’d like it.

Read the rest of her entry here. The other guest blogger submissions are pretty good too!

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